Feeling stuck? Like there’s just no way you’ll ever climb the mountain, especially when it comes to healthy living? Then you can relate to how I was feeling yesterday. Here’s what I journaled:


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Not Your Fault 6

As we put an exclamation point on another Mother’s Day, I’m cherishing the moments of celebration. What a joy to be given the task of raising a child. It’s scary, messy, beautiful, and oh-so-satisfying, and I’m proud to count myself among the international sisterhood of Mamas. At the same time, someone’s weighing heavy on my heart. Maybe you saw her at church. Maybe you’re her. Maybe you’re the mom who didn’t have such […]

Walking to Six Flags 3

My daughter and I finally went to buy new shoes. The soles of Alyssa’s shoes were breaking down, and mine? Well, let’s just say the nice lady at the store told us athletic shoes should never have a birthday and mine have had about four. Yeah. It was time. Especially since we’re going to be walking to Six Flags.

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Contentment is the only real wealth. ~ Alfred Nobel {1833-1896}


Happy May Day! You’ll notice I failed to deliver flowers to your doorstep. That’s probably because I don’t know where you live. But, mostly, it’s because as nice a thought as it is…like most folks these days, I didn’t have TIME to even think about it. How’s this for second best? A picture of some […]

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